I am a strong “believer” that we should always strive to improve ourselves. But like you, it has been difficult for me to change my habits. I have tried to change my habits multiple times in the past. Most of the time it would just end up same as before . Until I found “Atomic Habits”. It has helped me analyse my bad behaviour patterns and helped me navigate through traps, which I unknowingly put myself in.

I have listed down a few of the “Big Ideas” shared in the book. …

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For the past few days I have been building a new micro-service at my workplace. Our team decided to automate the deployment process so that whatever we are working on can be used by other teams and the feedback loop would be a lot shorter.

Our goal is to deploy code whenever a Pull Request is merged to the master branch. I will be using AWS ECS and Gitlab CI/CD to solve this.

Understanding ECS

Hi, I am Abhijeet De Sarkar(ads). I am an IT 2015 pass out. My percentage was 59.7 and had 3 backs, and yes I got a job.

I always knew that I wanted to do engineering

Even in school, I would make electronics projects. I would open up old telephones, video games and tried to understand how they work. I just wanted to make things.

So when I got into college I was really stoked that finally I would learn something useful. But my excitement didn’t survive “college teaching”. It was 8 hours writing shit which could have easily been photocopied and distributed. Practicals were a joke, the only priority these guys had was the fuckin’ lab manual. CT’s were something else all the way. I still don’t understand why you had to write 2 pages…

Abhijeet De

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